Blood of the Faithful

A Beginning Starts Somewhere

Every journey starts with a step, and every band of great heroes starts with an awkward introduction. Five adventurers found themselves on the same ferry shuttling between the port town of Hispere to the small mining town of Pallenar. Each had his own reason for leaving home, but all found themselves drawn to the same destination by stories of a mysterious wrecked ship found in the mountains southeast of Pallenar. The five adventurers found their peaceful ferry trip disturbed by an attack by a group of a sorry excuse for pirates. During the fight, the adventurers had to work together to overcome the pirates, and despite some misteps, dispatched them with little trouble. With the ship on fire, they got little for their trouble other than a peaceful remainder of the trip.

After the fight, they met a mysterious swordsman who introduced himself as Arnem, who gave them a few words of warning regarding what he considered foolish stories of the ship in the mountains, and that better fortune hunting could be had among the goblin raiders outside of Pallenar – but he warned them not to go too far south and intrude on Orcish lands. After their chat, they took to shore in Pallenar. Winter clung fast to the land, and the passes in and out of town were snowed over. Food grew scarce and many travelers were stranded in the town due to the weather. Ruffians called the Firemen terrorized the people.

The group set off from the docks and sought the nearest inn. Inside they found few answers about the mysterious ship in the mountains. They did learn that the city’s coffers were running dry because copper and furs harvested outside of town couldn’t be traded due to the weather, and goblin raiders in the south were taking their tolls on the mines. After being humbled by some Firemen in the inn, the party went out looking for a place to stay in. High room prices drove them to stay in the local Havenist refuge for the low price of a donation of cooked fish.

While in the refuge, the group questioned the curator about the mysterious ship in the mountains. The curator mentioned that a few young men, none older than 19 years old, had recently returned from a failed expedition to find it. The following morning the party split up to search the town’s inns to seek the boys and find out more information about their expedition. They found the boys, but their bumbling questions failed to win over much information. They learned the eastern route to the mountains was snowed over and impassable, and that they should journey southwards and then east to have the best chance.

The party met back up and then decided to get provisions and sell some of the weapons they recovered from the pirates. The next adventure picks up as the party leaves Old Hadley’s supply store.


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